Art & Beads by Floor Kaspers
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All of these beadwork pieces are made completely by hand, one bead at a time. Thread, beads and a needle are all that is used to make these very time consuming pieces. Most of my beadwork pieces are made from size 15 Miyuki seed beads.
Floor Kaspers, On Fire
On Fire, 2016

Floor Kaspers, Tucson sunset
Tucson Sunset, 2015

Floor Kaspers, Rainbow
Rainbow, 2015

Floor Kaspers, No compromise
No compromise, 2014

Floor Kaspers, Fall
Fall, 2013

Floor Kaspers, Transformation
Transformation, 2013

Floor Kaspers, Changing colors
Changing colors, 2014

Floor Kaspers, Turquoise and black
Turquoise and black, 2013

Floor Kaspers, Spring is in the air
Spring is in the air, 2015

Floor Kaspers, Lesvos
Lesvos, 2015

When you click on the images, you can see more information about each piece. The price does not include shipping. If you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces, just send an email to